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Best Way To Store Your Items:

  • Mildew is a real problem in our climate. Be prepared by wiping down contents, treating, and/or vigilance on your part as we cannot access the unit.​

    • Treat wood furniture before storing. Keep your precious wood furniture moisturized, and decrease the chances of mold forming.

    • Store mattresses in a climate controlled unit  for best results. Raise your mattress off the ground to keep from molding, and mildew. Cover it with a mattress cover to keep from insects, dust, or water damage.

    • Clean leather furniture before storing. Ensure that the surface is dry to prevent any mold, and mildew. This is ultimately the most urgent threat to leather furniture, so be extra stringent with cleaning and drying.

    • Let cleaning spray dry prior to storing furniture - residual moisture can cause mold growth while in storage.

    • Avoid sealing anything in plastic, trapped moisture can cause mold, mildew, and rot.

  • Use styrofoam, pallets, or boards to raise furniture, boxes, and miscellaneous items off of the floor to protect against moisture; Put down a plastic tarp over the floor to create a moisture barrier to help prevent mold and mildew.​

  • Cover furniture with cotton drop cloths, or canvas tarps to keep dust off and allow airflow; make sure no fabric from furniture or covers is touching the floor.

  • Do not stand furniture on end; try to keep furniture upright in the furniture's designed position. This will eliminate the risk of damage from improper weight distribution and help the furniture keep its desired shape.

  • Disassemble beds and tables, and wrap table legs in moving blankets, or bubble wrap.

  • Bubble wrap or cardboard can be used to protect corners and edges.

  • Mirrors and framed art work should not be stored flat, as they will collapse under their own weight. Wrap in bubble wrap or cardboard, and stand up right.

  • Liquid TV's and monitors can freeze without a climate controlled unit.

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